Snug Harbor Kayaking

The discussion of beauty and fitness a few posts ago reminded me of a brisk autumn morning last year on the beautiful island of San Juan.

Rust never sleeps

The scene: a kayaking expedition.  The location: low tide at Snug Harbor.  Looking for killer whales, but not finding them.

Instead, a harbor seal colony.  And many, many pleasure boats.

Harbor seals

Harbor seals

Harbor seals

Literally out of the blue, we watched an eagle swoop low onto the seaweed-covered rocks.

Eagle hunts cormorant

In its talons, like a ragdoll with a broken neck, one unlucky cormorant.

Eagle hunts cormorant

Eagle hunts cormorant

Eagle hunts cormorant

And one hungry eagle.

Eagle hunts cormorant

So while in the eyes of the philosopher beauty and fitness may remain undefined, I daresay that from the kayaker’s perspective both are easy to identify.

The complete Flickr set.

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